Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to start?

To embark on your dropshipping journey with Mega Dropshipping, all that's required is a valid email address. However, we recommend having a well-defined niche and store name in mind before commencing the process. If you find yourself uncertain about what to sell or wish for our assistance in selecting a niche, please ensure to specify your preferences in the notes during the checkout process.

Do I need to pay in full my initial payment?

No, you can pay in installments by creating a shop pay account and your store will still be delivered before you complete your full payment.Making a purchase on using Shop Pay Installments –  Moccamaster USA

What is the monthly cost?

Mega Dropshipping never charges you any monthly payments. You will only make 1 Payment to purchase any of our services. However once we transfer a dropshipping store to you, you will need to select a shopify hosting plan in order to receive and accept online payments.

How much is the approximate monthly profit?

Anticipate monthly revenues ranging from $5,000 to $15,000, contingent upon the specific product and its prevailing market demand. Notably, certain products have the potential to yield monthly sales exceeding $100,000. It's crucial to emphasize that both profit and sales figures are intricately tied to the efficacy of product marketing strategies and the prevailing demand dynamics

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Will I be the full owner of my store?

Yes, you will have 100% ownership and control. Once a store is delivered to you, you become the sole legal owner and can do whatever you want with your online business. We will no longer have access to the store unless you need support from us.

Do I need a permit to operate?

Initially, to own an online dropshipping store that is not yet generating sales, no special permit is required, as you are not involved in the importation of items or managing substantial inventories.

However, as your sales grow and surpass the $1,000 per month threshold, we strongly advise reaching out to your local Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or the relevant governing agencies. They can provide essential guidance to determine whether obtaining specific permits is necessary to maintain the legal operation of your online business

Do I need to invest in products?

No. All items are shipped by suppliers directly to the buyer and only ship if you get a sale. You do not have to buy any item in advance or hold it anywhere.

Do I have to make deliveries or visit the shipping postal service?

No. The Suppliers ship the items directly to customers when someone makes a purchase in your store.

Do you run my store?

No, our team gives you the tools to run your business. The success of your new store is your responsibility and how you run with the business will effect how it performs.

Will my store be ready to start making sales?

Yes! All you'll need to do is add a payment gateway such as PayPal so you can get paid. Once you've done that you're good to go.

Will I have support from you?

Indeed, you'll have our unwavering online support, ensuring that any challenges you encounter in managing your online store are promptly addressed. Additionally, we offer assistance in the initial shipping process of your first order, as well as guidance to accommodate any adjustments or modifications you wish to make to your website

I have no experience. Can I still own a dropshipping store?

Absolutely, establishing your own online business is within reach for individuals without prior experience. However, we do suggest possessing fundamental computer and technical skills to navigate the intricacies of an online business. If you are uncertain about your skill set, we highly recommend enrolling in our Dropshipping Course as a prudent first step in your entrepreneurial journey

How soon will I receive my store?

Usually we deliver access to your dropshipping store between 7 to 30 business days once the transaction is completed and payment for your order is received. If for any reason it will take longer we will let you know.

What platform does it work on?

Our stores operate exclusively on the Shopify platform, widely recognized as the most stable and dependable e-commerce platform in the industry.

What is a Domain?

A domain serves as the unique web address for your online store, such as When acquiring your website, you have the option to request the activation of an exclusive domain for your business, provided the desired name is available.

Can I edit the content of my store?

Yes, you can edit your website to your liking with logo, products, pages and images of preference. You can do it yourself at any time or you can request assistance from us to make the changes.

Can I post ads on my website?

Yes, your website seamlessly integrates with Google AdSense, providing you with an excellent opportunity to augment your revenue streams by strategically incorporating advertisements into your online business platform

Do I have to promote my website?

To initiate sales growth, it is imperative to implement a comprehensive promotional strategy for your website. Our foremost recommendation involves the utilization of cost-effective marketing methods, commencing with the dissemination of your website across prominent social platforms, including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and others.

It's worth noting that many initial sales are attributed to this initial free marketing effort. As your business progresses, the next strategic step would be to engage the services of a professional marketing agency to efficiently oversee and optimize all facets of your website's marketing campaign.

I have another doubt or question:

Write us your question or doubt via email to or send us a message by WhatsApp at 787-238-3370, we will gladly answer all of your questions.