Terms & Conditions

By purchasing one of our dropshipping stores, you are automatically agreeing to our terms and conditions. You will become the sole owner and manager of your online business, so returns will not be accepted at any time after the transaction is completed.

Our terms and conditions state the following:

Mega Dropshipping does not guarantee any daily, monthly, or average sales or profit amount. The amount of sales and/or profits you can generate will depend solely on the amount of time and administration you dedicate to your business, as well as your marketing strategy, customer service and support, product demand and many other factors, never It will depend only on the design of your online store. Mega Dropshipping only takes care of the design of the stores. Each success result is individual and depends entirely on the performance of each online store owner.

You are aware that you are purchasing a new dropshipping store design made on the Shopify platform. Our store layouts are completely proprietary and we are permitted to recreate and resell any store layout that we have previously sold to another customer. We have a strict policy against fraud and data and identity theft. If under any circumstance we detect that you are attempting to commit fraud, your order will be automatically canceled and we will report it to the proper authorities.

Mega Dropshipping will add generic policies for your online store. You are responsible for verifying and adding all correct and applicable terms and policies of your store.

We will never resell, use or promote any store name or logo you created for your store after purchasing one of our stores. You can always change your design or logo to your personal design any time you want after you own the store. You are aware that no store sold by us is eligible for return once the transaction is completed, unless there has been an error on our part.

You are responsible for serving your customers and shipping orders on time, as well as assisting them with any issues with returns, refunds, fraudulent orders, etc. Any issues that may occur with shipping or payments should be addressed directly with the supplier, not with us. Dropshipping is not an easy task and requires hours of dedication and effort to start making sales. You should only buy a dropshipping store if you are ready to take on that challenge. No recommendation or suggestion received from us should be taken as a legal fact, you are responsible for correctly orienting yourself with your advisors if you have any questions about the legal requirements to operate an online business in your country or nation.

Mega Dropshipping is not a payment provider, the customer is responsible for correctly setting up their payment provider to accept payments with Shopify. After your store is delivered, we are not responsible for the stock or inventory of any respective product or supplier. These are subject to change or removal at any time. *Technical support includes any help with app support and basic store functions such as importing products. If the member does not have an active Shopify subscription after 14 days, standard support will be voided and will not be provided. Note: Technical support does NOT include theme or layout customization. Our themes can be easily customized or changed and our services provided are one-time and final. *

Technical support does not include the management of your business and store.
Store owners are responsible for managing their own store, including any changes made after the store is completed. Shopify's payment gateway policies prohibit the sale of certain substances and items. Mega Dropshipping is not responsible nor does it provide payment gateway/setup for unapproved products. Store owners are responsible for their own payment gateway approvals.

Technical support and/or training does not apply to stores that have been given free of charge either through a discount code, offer or promotions. The discounts, offers and promotions only apply to stores pre-designed by us, these discounts and promotions will never apply to the monthly payment and/or payment to the Shopify platform and/or additional charges that may apply after becoming the owner of your online store. .

Mega Dropshipping is not responsible for misuse, mishandling of sales, deliveries, poor customer service or any other claims made by customers of any dropshipping store we have sold. Any dropshipping store sold and designed by Mega dropshipping will not be used to collect and share data collected without the consent of its customers.

Any illegal act carried out by any dropshipping site designed by Mega Dropshipping will be the full responsibility of the new owner/buyer and/or its new administrator/s.