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What is Dropshipping?

what is dropshipping

Dropshipping is a 100% legal and very popular sales method in which the seller does not physically own the items he is selling. Your website is connected to a supplier (mostly from USA/China/UK) and he retains the item until you make a sale. When you receive a sale on your website you send the customer's information to the supplier and he then ships the item to the customer.

You only pay the supplier when you receive the customer's money, if you don't make any sales you do not need to buy any products or make any upfront investments.

    How it Works:

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    Here is a step by step example:

    1. The customer visits your website and buys your product for a price of $300.00. You receive the money straight to your bank or paypal account.

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    2. When you receive the money you use that money to pay the supplier for the product at a lower cost ($100).

    The supplier receives your order and sends it to the customer who bought it from your website at a higher price.

    3. After a few days your customer receives his product and you made a profit of $200

    That's it. You never had to leave your home or interact with the customer or product at any time. Our online stores run completely on autopilot, fully customizable and ready to start selling products right away.

    You can always create a dropshipping store by yourself for free using any e commerce website platform such as woocomerce, shopify, ecwid, and many others. However you will need to take in consideration the following situations.

    • You need to find good suppliers
    • You need to find a good niche and products
    • You need to have a little knowledge of website coding and design
    • You need a good hosting platform service and domain.
    • You need to test product quality and delivery time.
    • You need to spend hours of product research and website development

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    At Mega Dropshipping we taken care of all these problems by creating top rated dropshipping websites with best e commerce platform trusted by millions all over the world. As official shopify partners we have created a variety of pre-designed dropshipping online stores with lots of products ready for sale you can use to start dropshipping immediately .

    All you have to do is to choose a store from our catalog and place and order for the dropshipping website you want to aquire. Upon completion of the transaction we will transfer the fully ready, pre-designed store to your name(The transfer normally takes 3-5 business days), and you will become the full owner of the store. 

         Frequently Asked Questions

        Do I need a permit to operate?

        Initially, to own an online dropshipping store that is not yet generating sales, no special permit is required since you are not importing any kind of item or placing orders in large quantities to have inventory.

        When you start generating sales that exceed $500 - $1,000 per month, we recommend you contact your local CPA or corresponding agencies to guide you on whether it is necessary to have some type of permit to continue operating your online business.

        Do I need to buy products?

        No. All items are held & shipped by suppliers directly to the customer and they only ship items if you get a sale. You do not have to buy any items in advance or hold it anywhere.

        Do I have to make deliveries?

        No. Suppliers mail the items directly to customers when they order on your website.

        Are the suppliers trustworthy?

        Yes, for our online stores we have only chosen suppliers with years of  experience and ratings of 4 and 5 stars in their shipments and services. You may contact the suppliers at any time and/or request sample shipments if you wish to do so.

        I have no experience. Can I still have an online store?

        Yes, anyone can have their own online business even without experience. Our interface is 100% user friendly and already has all the advanced settings preconfigured. You just drive the sales. If you want to have a more advanced dropshipping course, we recommend checking our 2023 Dropshipping Masterclass.

        What is the monthly cost?

        Mega Dropshipping never charges you any monthly payments. You will only make 1 Payment to buy any of our stores. However once you order a drop shipping store, you need to activate a monthly plan with the shopify platform in order to receive and accept online payments. Monthly payments start in as little as $29/month. All monthly expenses are usually covered by your own sales.

        How much is the approximate monthly profit?

        You can expect an average between $5,000 to $15,000 per month depending on the product and the current demand for each product. Some products can exceed up to $100,000 per month in sales. The profit and sales will depend mostly on the product marketing and the demand it has at the moment.

        How soon will I receive my store?

        Usually we deliver access to your dropshipping store between 3 to 5 business days once the transaction is completed and payment for your order is received. If for any reason it will take longer we will let you know.

        Will I have support from you?

        Yes, you will have 100% online support from us to help you with any problem you face in your online store. We also help you ship your first order online once you receive it and make any adjustments or changes you want to make to your website, provided you have an active shopify subscription.

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        We have a strict anti-fraud and identity theft policy for all of our dropshipping stores. We will not tolerate any attempted theft or fraud of any kind. If any attempt of fraud is detected, we will immediately report it to the proper authorities. We recommend reading our refund policy and our terms and conditions for more details.

        Do you have any other doubts or questions?
        Write us via email to or contact us today via phone or whatsapp at 787-238-3370, we will gladly answer all of your questions.