How the starting process works

We will meticulously craft specifications for your website, encompassing all necessary pages and features.

First the Design Concept: Our team will craft a comprehensive design concept for your website, encompassing the structural layout, logo design, banners, and imagery.

Second is the Development: We will collectively engage in the development process to create a fully operational website to meet your requirements.

Third is the Content Upload: Our team will seamlessly integrate your content, including text, images, videos, and more, into your website.

Store Ownership Transfer:

  1. Initiation of a staff account invitation, followed by your acceptance.You can click here to view the shopify acceptance process
  2. The seamless transfer of store ownership to your designated staff account.
  3. Selection of an appropriate store plan to activate the website, with a monthly fee of $39.

Final Review: We will deliver the finalized version of the website for your comprehensive review and approval.