To get started follow these simple steps:

Select a starting plan: Our team will craft a comprehensive design concept for your website, encompassing the structural layout, logo design, banners, and imagery. You can select on of our 3 different plans by clicking here. You can choose a plan according to your specific business goals.

Review your order: We will collectively engage in the development process to create a fully operational website to meet your requirements. After you select a plan please make sure to write any specifications you may want for your store. If no specifications are made we will create a random dropshipping website for you.

Make your payment: After your payment is cleared through our safe checkout system our team will seamlessly integrate your content, including text, images, videos, and more, into your website. your store development may take a approximately 7-30 business days to be completed(Check the pricing plan for details). We will keep you updated via email or WhatsApp. You can always contact us for your store status at

After your store is completed we will send you an invitation to your store so you can become the owner of your brand new store.

Store Ownership Transfer:

  1. Initiation of a staff account invitation, followed by your acceptance. You can click here to view the shopify acceptance process.
  2. The seamless transfer of store ownership to your designated staff account.
  3. Selection of an appropriate store plan to activate the website, with a monthly fee of $39(basic plan).

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Contact Information:

Technical assistance is provided with our services and we are here to answer any queries or address any issues your store may encounter, provided you have an active Shopify subscription.