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Pre built and ready to start Dropshipping store 100% Pre designed and Ready to start selling with 10 winning products. Includes free logo and free domain for 1 year.

Store Details:

  • Suppliers: China🇨🇳🚚
  • Monthly payment: $39/month Shopify Plan✅
  • Does it require a contract?: No❌, cancel at any time.
  • Products it contains: 10 Winning Jewelry Products✅
  • Can I add more products? Yes✅
  • Does it include logo?: Yes✅
  • Website works on PC and Mobile?: Yes✅
  • Domain: Free Domain for 1 year (✅
  • Does it include descriptions and images?: Yes✅
  • Time in which we will deliver your store: 7-10 business days✅
  • Estimated monthly profits: $3,500 - $5,000/month✅

    Our fully pre-designed dropshipping store includes a variety of items ready to start selling online immediately in different parts of the world. In it you will have access to the suppliers' catalog where you can add all the additional products you want at no additional cost.

    How does it work and how do I make profits?

    The way it works is simple. Customers visit your online store and place an order just as they already know how to do on Amazon, Ebay, Wish, etc. of a product that you have established at a specific price. Ex.$300.00

    Automatic product availability at supplier verification during order  placement in an online store - IdoSell - IdoSell

    Once you receive an order, you receive a notification by email or on your cell phone (downloading the Shopify app) and with that same money that the customer paid you, you then proceed to pass the order to the supplier who will send the product to your customer. for a lower cost Ex. $100.00. Your client receives a notification with their tracking number and within a couple of days they receive their order. At the end of the process, the customer obtained their product, the supplier earned $100.00 and you earned $200.00

    It is that simple and it is the main method used by all businesses that operate on a basis of purchase and resale with the only difference that you will not have to buy any product in advance to have it in a warehouse, risking losing it if it is not sold. . If the item has no sales, you simply remove it from your online store and add other new products.

    • You don't need to handle shipping or deliveries. The Supplier makes the shipments ✔️
    • You don't need to invest anything in advance in products. You only order from the supplier if you receive a sale. ✔️
    • The store runs 100% on autopilot. You sell 24/7 even when you are sleeping ✔️
    • You will have hundreds of products to choose from different categories and add to your dropshipping store at no additional cost(3 products per day)✔️
    • Receive payments and direct deposits to your bank account through Paypal, Visa, MC, ATH mobile. Etc ✔️
    • Includes integrated guide and 24/7 online support from suppliers to add products, manage orders, etc.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      • Is there a monthly cost?: Yes. Shopify's basic monthly payment is $39 per month for independent sellers. More advanced sellers with more employees will be able to choose other higher cost plans.
      • Does it require a contract? No. You can cancel your subscription at any time.
      • Will I be the full owner of the store?: Yes, you will become the boss and sole owner of your online store.
      • Can I upload my own images, logos, etc?: Yes. You can change the total design of your store to your liking or request assistance from us to modify it.
      • After purchasing, how long will it take to receive my store: Your store will be ready within 3 to 5 business days. (Depending on the style of the store, some could take a few additional days, you can always contact us to check the status of your store)REMEMBER TO CHECK YOUR JUNK MAIL OR SPAMBOX AFTER ORDERING.
      • Will I have online support from you? Yes, you will have our support to handle any order you receive and/or make any changes to your online store, in addition to technical assistance for any problem you encounter in your online store.

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